9700k vs 9900k reddit

The first one was meant for offices while the other two were for gamers and content creators.

9700k vs 9900k reddit

A while back, Intel suddenly introduced a bunch of Core i9 parts. On paper, the Core i9 is a factory overclocked i7 with hyperthreading enabled and slightly more L3 cache. While SMT is mostly irrelevant in gaming and the clock speed delta is too small to make a notable impact, the L3 cache size is known to significantly affect gaming performance.

But here, despite having a higher boost clock the core iK is slightly slower than the K. This is most likely due to the latter having access to higher L2 cache per thread compared to the K. Shadow of the Tomb Raider sees the Core iK take the lead with a marginally higher average as well as better lows. Ashes of the Singularity once again favors the Core i9. This title is known to leverage as many threads as you throw at it. Far Cry 5 is one of the most CPU intensive titles around.

And yet, the Core iK provides no apparent benefit over the iK in this game. Here, it seems like the additional resources of the K do benefit it, albeit ever so slightly. In fact, in Cinebench the Core iK ended up consuming almost W. Across various games, the Core i7 drew a maximum of around W while the iK hit the ceiling a little below W.

You can run a 64 core Epyc Rome processor with that much juice. And Intel is planning to push more cores into the Comet Lake-S chips and increase the core clock on top of that. This is rather straight-forward. Is the Core i9 a better option? Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

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9700K vs 9900K in gaming 1440P only!

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Intel Core i9-9900K vs i7-9700K: Is the i9 Really the Best Gaming CPU?

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Intel Core i7 9700K Review

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Community Question: What's the best peripheral you've ever used, and why? Thread starter talackostepan Start date Feb 8, Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Hardware CPUs. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next Sort by votes. Feb 12, 9 0 0. I'm gonna buy a new PC but I'm deciding between k and k. Oct 18, 22, 1, 80, 2, Aug 13, 3 1, Again, unless you have money to burn, the K is not a great value at the current asking price.

It also consumes quite a bit more power and offers a minor performance bump. I would liken this comparison to the RTX and GTXin the sense that the newer product is faster by a small margin while costing a little more.

Rodrigodrt Honorable. Nov 21, 52 11, Better, yes.

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Worth it, no.Rule 1: Be civil and obey reddiquette. Uncivil language, slurs, and insults will result in a ban. This includes comments such as "retard", "shill", "moron" and so on.

If you can't say something respectfully, don't say it at all. Rule 3 : All posts must be related to Intel or Intel products. Rule 4 : Give competitors' recommendations only where appropriate. If a user asks for Intel only i. Commenting on a build pic saying they should have gone AMD is also inappropriate.

AMD recommendations are allowed in other threads. Longevity of the k vs k? For all of you CPU buffs on here: Strictly speaking on longevity, would the k be worth it over the k? Or is it not even possible to estimate this? Probably will make a difference in like 5 years.

Whether it's worth it is another question. Because tech will advance, we'll likely see optimizations, 10nm, 7nm by then So you gotta keep that in mind. So all that extra futureproofing with going all out on threads Still 6 cores kinda get maxed in some games and I could see a k being a bit better. Quite frankly the ONLY thing that made the k a worthwhile investment long term was that stuff was held back for so long that HT actually became useful. It took 5 years for that to happen. It'll happen with the k, but by then So why bother?

Future-proofing is a meme. There will always be something, you don't wanna miss in 3 years. Less money spent, up-to-date with latest technologies. Mainstream hardware loses less value over time than high-end. Just take a look at the K guys. Even the entry level Coffe-Lakes were able to compete with the K flagship.

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And even soldered CPU. This is the so called "future-proof". The idea that you're going to upgrade a k in 3 years is really unlikely. It'll be longer than that before the extra cores on the k are even used in many games. No point upgrading if newer software is actually getting faster on your system. The big thing is going to be PCIe 4. It's the mainstream buyers, like ik, ik. Enthusiasts upgrade way more often, they just want to own the best. A good portion of K buyers are probably K owners.

Heck, we don't even have proper, independent reviews and enthusiasts are already preordering.As a result, publishers are openly accused of bias for reporting real world performance data. Gaming on P only. So you gotta keep that in mind. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

By the time you get there, either CPU will be obsolete. Both will last about the same, CPUs don't usually die. PresentMon is used for framerate data logging, with custom scripts for capturing data accurately. Was a k worth it over the k? Dont get anything but the k. This translates to almost identical single, quad and octa core performance between the K and K.

Scenario: Gaming at p hz with a ti. Thx Hello. But here, despite having a higher boost clock the core iK is slightly slower than the K. No telling how long this incident will cause delays in chips and boards being released on the market. Hi guys I have got a msi z board with ddr4 16gb of ram just wondering which cpu would be the a good gaming cpu and day to day normal use. All the games were tested at p using the highest quality preset. Card will be Ti. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

I disable the hyper threading because games are smoother without it. Or is it not even possible to estimate this? Doubtful with a strong chip like the K. Game engines will be upgraded to take advantage of those 16 threads within the next year or two. Similar performance difference going forward. Do people have such short memories that they already forgot what happened to the k? Windows 10 version was used for all testing with Windows Update disabled.

Overclock to 4. But now i am buying parts for new pcfor gaming P too. JavaScript is disabled. I picked up a K for the added cache. I only consider the k "worth" it if it's actually going to be used for productivity tasks that you're going to make money off of like compiling big programs, video editting, etc. So all that extra futureproofing with going all out on threads The k remained viable MUCH longer than the k, precisely because of hyperthreading.

HT won't change your life.

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It'll run anything and everything perfectly xp for years to come. In some games the actually beats the bigger more powerful in some games. Cores are better than threads anyway, but at that point I'd hope to be able to reasonably push 4k. In that case you're paying extra money to save yourself valuable time.The trouble is that this is no longer a linear move. Windows 10 version was used for all testing with Windows Update disabled. PresentMon is used for framerate data logging, with custom scripts for capturing data accurately.

F1 produces extremely high framerates, something not as commonly found in other titles.

The point is that our point of bottlenecking is elevated enough to really look at performance differences. The stock K operates less meaningfully ahead of the stock K, with limited gains of about 3.

Streaming - I7 9700K vs R7 2700X vs I9 9900K vs I7 8700K -

Overclocking the K pushes it to roughly stock K performance levels. As a reminder, frametime plots show individual frames over time, providing the truest representation of how long it took to render each frame. Lower is better, but more consistent is better than strictly lower. The K manages to be both lowest and most consistent, making it the most fluid courier of frames in this test. Average frame-to-frame interval is about 4ms for the K, with the K at about 4.

The at 4.

9700k vs 9900k reddit

All three tests encounter spikes upwards of ms, but none that are jarring to a point of ruining the experience. They are noticeable, though, and most humans tend to notice about an ms delta frame-to-frame.

The K ends up ranked alongside the K and XE. This is made obvious by our XE at 4. For reference, the Intel iK at 4. Note that Far Cry has also had routine issues with frametimes in i5 CPUs, something we are actively researching now that we have our K in-hand. No one can reasonably detect the average frametime difference of 0. Plotted instead as frametimes, we can look at KK, and K stock performance. The K ends up fairly consistent, with a few spikes to 20ms and 16ms throughout testing. The K stock CPU ends up similar to the K in average frametime, but ultimately falls behind in total frame throughput.

The K runs slower on average, if comparable, with the K significantly more consistent, almost to a point of creating a heart rate plot. Unsurprisingly, we see mostly the same ranking order at p. In this instance, the K, K, and K are all rough equals.

Civilization VI provides an important look at turn time performance rather than framerate performance, instead testing grand campaign AI turn completion times. As an example, with 5 AI players that each take 10 seconds to process a turn, you would be waiting 50 seconds before you are allowed to make your next play. For our chart, the K at 5. We were unable to produce meaningfully different results between these two, and test variance puts them as functionally equivalent.

This is best illustrated by looking at the stock R5 versus the stock R7where you see the outperforming the by a slim margin. The stock K ends up at If you purchase products after clicking on links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Learn more. These will come with the codename; Intel Sunny Cove. For years, Intel dominated the market with its 4-core 8-thread products that became the industry benchmark.

As a result of the competition, Intel found itself deeply embedded in the core-vs-core race. In an attempt to re secure dominance in the market, Intel has released the 9th gen i9 K, i7 K, and the i5 K. Intel did their very best to match the advent of the AMD Ryzen series, and it seems they have a winner with this chip. The i7 K features 8-cores that provide extraordinary processing power, more than doubling the efficiency of the Skylake i7 K.

Although, the i7 K keeps the same 8-threads available in the K, Intel chose to leave out the signature feature of the K — Hyper-threading. Check Price The chip manufacturer decided to leave hyper-threading for the spec list of the i9 K instead.

The additional processing power available in the K makes it more than capable of handling anything a gamer can throw at it. Even the most processing-power-hungry games will run smoothly on the K with no CPU bottleneck.

So much so that the difference between the i7 K and the Kis negligible during gameplay. Most gamers will suffice with the cheaper 6-core, thread K, without needing to upgrade to the new 9th generation chips. The 8-core tech involved in the Ryzen quickly became the new standard for players everywhere, and everyone wanted to get their hands on a Ryzen.

However, in typical fashion, Intel once again refuses to cede any market share to their rivals. And, with the launch of the K, they hope to claw back gamers into the Intel community.

9700k vs 9900k reddit

The introduction of 8-cores makes it the most significant upgrade to Intel chips over the previous generation. With Intel stripping the hyper-threading out of their i7 series and reserving it for the i9 K, the K comes with as many cores as it has threads — eight in total for each. We believe that by reserving the hyper-threading for the i9, Intel allows themselves leeway to execute on a much higher pricing strategy compared to the i7. This helps keep the costs down for the K, allowing it to compete with AMD, who has traditionally always been cheaper.

Apart from the increase in cores, and dropping hyper-threading, Intel decided to focus on clock speeds for the K.

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Since the launch of Skylake micro-architecture, Intel has steadily increased the frequency with every future generation of chips. With the high-yield 14nm process node, the i7 K is now capable of handling a racy 4. However, some users have managed to squeeze 5.

If you are interested in overclocking your processor, see our guide on how to overclock CPUs. Intel has once again opted for the use of the Coffee Lake architecture in the i7 K.

This means that there are no eye-brow raising moments when reading through the specs list. Taking a glance through the specifications, we notice that not much has changed since the release of Skylake back in The only real difference we see is the hardware mitigations and soldered die for Meltdown and Spectre.

With the on-die cache presented in a familiar fashion to the and The PCIe 3. But, if you are interested, we have reviewed a number of motherboards for the i7 K.

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