Old eastenders cast then and now

Another EastEnders original, Gillian has also been part of the show since day one. Gillian's original stint as Kathy ran from tobefore she was killed off-screen in a car accident in Arguably one of the soap's most iconic characters, Dot escapes being a fully-fledged 'original' by a mere 40 episodes — but nonetheless, she's been part of the Walford furniture for so long that we couldn't image the place without her.

Oh I say! Walford's resident tough guy first graced our screens in ,with his original stint running up until Thankfully, Phil returned two years later in and has been calling the shots in the Square ever since.

Peggy would be proud. That's right, the child to your left is indeed Sonia Fowler — back when she was a trumpet-playing, flower-crown-wearing schoolgirl. Hapless Robbie was best known back in the day for two reasons: being hopeless with women and his furry friend Wellard. Dean played Robbie between andbut reprised the role on a full-time basis earlier this year — this time with a new job, a new image, and potentially a new romance too.

Phil's cousin Billy was introduced back in — initially as a villain who beat up his nephew Jamie. It's fair to say that Billy doesn't look like he's changed all that much since thenbut he's certainly softened — now a doting husband and father to Honey, Janet and William.

So much has changed for Jane since she arrived in the Square in — and no, we don't just mean her hair! After retuning to the show inthe drama hasn't slowed down for Jane since and she's currently recovering in hospital after being caught up in a fire that was deliberately started to kill her. She's a responsible mother and step-mother of three these days, but do you remember when loud-mouthed Stacey first rocked up in Walford in that pink puffa jacket?

She took a much-needed break from the show inbut returned in — thankfully without the puffa jacket this time, though. Look how adorable he was! Jay looked like butter wouldn't melt when he was first introduced to us back in — but we quickly learned that wasn't exactly the case. Probably the most drastic transformation — both image and personality-wise!

Type keyword s to search. Adam Woodyatt Ian Beale. Letitia Dean Sharon Mitchell. Gillian Taylforth Kathy Beale. June Brown Dot Branning. Steve McFadden Phil Mitchell. Natalie Cassidy Sonia Fowler. Dean Gaffney Robbie Jackson.

Perry Fenwick Billy Mitchell. Patrick Trueman Rudolph Walker. Laurie Brett Jane Beale. Lacey Turner Stacey Fowler.

old eastenders cast then and now

Jamie Borthwick Jay Brown.Coronation Street's Charlie Condou admits co-star was 'nastiest celeb he's ever met'. The BBC soap has seen a lot of colourful characters come and go throughout it's lengthy 34 year legacy.

The first episode, which aired on the 15th of Februarycentered on just two main families — The Beales and the Fowlers, connected by matriarch Lou Beale mum to Pauline Fowler and Pete Beale. Other actors were drafted in as supporting characters — there was 'Nasty' Nick Cotton, the local chain smoking, fight starting yob, and the Watt family, who ran the local pub at the heart of the community, The Queen Victoria.

Some of the characters are still with us, but many have left Walford with plenty of surprise returns in the middle of it all. We take a look back at some of the most iconic faces of the East End in and find out what they've been up to since. His marriage to alcoholic Angie Watts was one of the most tempestuous the soap had ever seen and a year after we were introduced to them he handed her divorce papers on the Christmas Day episode — watched by a record breaking He was "killed off" by an East End gang inbut returned again in for an 18 month stint, before being killed off for good at the hands of his second wife, Chrissie Watts.

Real Name \u0026 AGE of EastEnders -- Soap Opera

His character has been described by EastEnders executive producer Louise Berridge as being arguably one of the most iconic soap characters ever. Actor Leslie Grantham's second departure from the show was shrouded in scandal as he was at the time embroiled in reports that he had exposed himself online to a year-old female jouralist lewd and offensive comments he'd made about his co-stars were also revealed in the national press.

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He published an autobiography indetailing his explosive life as an actor and previous misadventures before his time in the public eye — including serving a prison sentence of ten years for the murder of a taxi driver. He died in She ran the local pub, The Queen Victoria, with her husband Den, but beneath her successful business and sometimes happy home life, Angie is struggling with an addiction to alcohol. She's desperate to make her marriage to Den work, despie his regular flings with other women and a long term affair.

Faced with losing him, Angie panics and tells Den she has just months to live — ultimately resulting in those Christmas Day divorce papers. Angie left Walford for Spain and later Florida, before news travelled back home of her death from cirrhosis of the liver in Not that Anita's life and times have been defined by her marital status, but she did wed Queen guitarist Brian May in the year so it deserves a passing mention. After her exit from the soap inAngie enjoyed plenty of success in the world of TV, theatre and music, including coming seventh in series of Strictly Come Dancing aged She's also worked on The Bill, Casualty and Holby City natch and has accumulated a number of stage accolades too.

In February she attended the Baftas with husband Brianlooking as glamorous as ever. The adopted daughter of Den and Angie Watts, Sharon was every inch the spoiled teen in Walford, always with the best clothes and must-have tech. She's close with both parents — when Den and Angie split, Sharon is caught in the middle until Angie leaves.

Inshe travels to Miami to bring Angie's body back to bury her. She's left and returned to Walford three times, most recently inand now runs the Queen Vic herself. Despite being an EastEnder's favourite from the start, Shazza's biggest storyline to date remains the explosive 'Sharongate' — during her marriage to Walford hard-man Grant Mitchell, Sharon was conducting a secret affair with his brother, Phil, the uncovering of which is one of EastEnder's highest viewed episodes of all time.

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Letitia 'Tish' Dean has become a bona fide A Lister in her own right, arguably one of the biggest stars to come out of the soap in it's 34 year run. She was already a successful actress when she joined the soap in the 80s, having starred in Brookside, Grange Hill and The Hello Girls before taking on the role of Sharon.

She's a regular on the pantomime circuit, had her own run on Strictly just like on-screen mum Angie and released a fitness DVD in The classic soap star trajectory. Early episodes saw Michelle Fowler compete with best friend Sharon for the affections of local teen heart-throb Kelvin Carpenter, but her storylines quickly became less wholesome when she found herself dealing with a teen pregnancy.

They got even more explosive when the baby turned out to be Den's, who promises to support her and their baby as long as his paternity is kept a secret.

InMichelle is shot by a friend of Grant Mitchell, her arch-nemesis and then husband of her best friend Sharon. She decided she's no longer safe and needs to get away from Grant, emigrating to Alabama with her daughter, Vicki.Since Eastenders first aired in the UK on February 19,it has become a fan favourite.

Looking back at some of our favourite residents from Albert Square, where are they now?

Classic EastEnders cast members, then and now: How much have these 14 stars changed over the years?

Just like the rest of the Mitchell clan, Peggy was very protective over her family and the Mitchell name. She was a fierce lady, and that trait is probably why she made such a good pub landlady.

Windsor left Eastenders in but made her last appearance as Peggy Mitchell in when her character was eventually killed off the show. Windsor has been married three times, and wrote an autobiography titled, All of Me. She has since been married to actor Tom Ellis. InEastEnders fans were pleasantly surprised when, after 16 years away from the show, Outhwaite finally reprised her iconic role as Mel Owen!

To give the show more than just drama, Eastenders welcomed some eye candy to Albert Square when they cast Martin Kemp to play Steve Owen.

His first feature film as a director was for Stalkerwhich was released inand he has appeared on reality television shows such as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Tom Watt played Lofty Holloway, one of the original characters from Eastenders having first starred in the third episode of the show.

He served in the army before having to leave, and then got a job as a barman as The Old Vic. Before getting close to Fowler, he dedicated his time to visiting and looking after his sick aunt, Irene, who lived in a hospice.

Watt left Eastenders in after three years on the show, and he turned his attention to radio rather than TV. Other than acting, his passion lay with football, and he decided to become a sports journalist.

Watt also had theatre and stage roles, and he starred in the one-man show, Fever Pitch. Wicks was certainly kind on the eyes and was a pin-up for many female fans. Wicks was also known for his adulterous behavior with Cindy Beale. Other than appearing in one episode inBerry left the show for good in After a few more acting roles, Berry retired from acting and opened his own production company called Valentine Productions.

Berry has been married sinceand has two sons, Louis and Finley. Having joined the show when Eastenders first aired, Letitia played Sharon Watts for the next ten years. She was first introduced on the show when she was a teenager and was known for being romantically linked to brothers Grant and Phil Mitchell. Her long-running storyline was dubbed, Sharongate, where Sharon was married to Grant while having an affair with Phil.

The episode in which Grant finds out about the affair remains one of the highest viewed episodes for Eastenders. Letitia Dean left Eastenders in but returned again from toand again from onwards.

Dean has also worked away from television and appeared on stage. Gillian Taylforth appeared as Kathy Beale from the first episode of Eastenders in She remained a prominent character on the show until her departure in and had many big storylines while on the show.

She discovered a long-lost daughter, had a son named Ben who contracted a rare form of meningitis and had a turbulent relationship with Phil Mitchell.

Kathy never returned after she left with Ben to live in South Africa, but she was killed off-screen in a road collision in Taylforth joined rival soap opera Hollyoaks over the course of two years and, despite being killed off of Eastenders inshe made a shock return to the show in as part of the 30th-anniversary episode.

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It was later confirmed that she would appear in Eastenders regularly from August and reprise her role. InRobbie Jackson was introduced to Albert Square.

Played by Dean Gaffney, Robbie was born to teenage parents Gary and Carol, but their romance sadly failed, and they parted ways. Inand after ten years of playing Robbie Jackson, Gaffney left Eastenders. He made several guest appearances on the soap over the years, and then finally returned full-time again in Michael French was involved in many storylines when he took on the role as David Wicks.

Where are the original EastEnders cast members now?

Wicks may have been seen as the George Clooney of Walford, but he had a troubled and dysfunctional relationship with his biological children Bianca and Joe, as well as an equally volatile relationship with his mother, Pat Butcher.It could be in the form of famous people or even real life locations that are setting the background of a certain scene.

When Boris Johnson, former Mayor of London, made his first appearance on the show inhe pretty much played himself, which was surprising on different levels. Since his 15 minutes of fame on the successful show, the former Mayor of London who was in office from todid have have his fair share of ups and downs and gained both enemies and friends along the way when on one hand he made an unpopular choice of voting for Britain to exit the EU, bit on the other hand he launched the bicycle hire scheme in London.

Martin Kemp, who in real life is a multi talented person when he was not only in the acting business but also in the music world as a bassist for Spandau Ballet, played the role of Steve Owen, from until He was actually the villain when he played a bully on the series, when his first storyline involved him murdering Saskia Duncan and later framing Matthew Rose for his crime. The couple has a daughter and a son together.

With her curly up do and big red hair, Anita Dobson starred on the soap opera from till An interesting fact is that Dobson was not the original cast for the role of Angie, it was Jean Fennell who played it first, however the directors were not pleased with her performance so they had Dobson play the role instead.

Since she left the show inDobson has actually had quite a successful television career with many shows to her credit. She married Brian May in He made one comeback in and another one in His character was incorporated in different storylines, where one of the more prominent one involved having a troubled and dysfunctional relationship with his children, Bianca Jackson and Joe Wicks.

He also had an affair with Cindy Beale who was his half-sister-in-law Cindy Beale. He left the show for good on May 17, Before the actress went to appear on EastEnders she was on two shows, one was Close to Home where she played the role Kate Shephers and a year later inshe played on Jupiter Moon, a soap opera from the production house of BSB Galaxy Channel. Despite her previous appearances, Benjamin is mostly known for her role as Lisa Fowler on the successful BBC soap opera from to It was eventually revealed that her character was the shooter.

He did however end up staying on the show for only three years. Watt was also a radio presenter back in the days and also worked as a journalist. On the successful soap opera, he played the role of Lofty Holloway. He served in the army but he was forced to be dismissed due to his chronic asthma. He left the show in April, After he left EastEnders, Watt continued to act, but he did combine his love for football when he became a sports journalist.

He has made numerous presentations on different radio shows as well as cable television. He also produced Rookies, a Channel 4 sports show for children. Michelle Ryan was cast on the show when she was only 16 and she was part of one of the more complex families that starred on the show. Her role was always very dramatic, but that turned out as a good thing for the young actress as it won her several awards. She played Zoe Slater who arrives in the fictional borough of Walford with her father, sisters and grandmother.

When the actress left the show inshe claimed she would never return to the show.By Siofra Brennan For Mailonline. Harold Legg in autumn this year. He will find some familiar faces among the cast, as several of the original line-up he was part of when they show first aired in are still in the soap, including Letitia Dean who plays Sharon Watts and Adam Woodyatt's character Ian Beale.

The actor portrayed Dr Legg in regular and recurring roles up untilbefore appearing in short cameos in the early s, and will no doubt be delighted to be reunited with his on-screen friend Dot Cotton, who is still in the show. Sadly, however, some of the soap's stalwarts have since passed away including Wendy Richard who portrayed Pauline Fowler and Leslie Grantham - famed for his role as Dirty Den - who died from cancer last month.

Scroll down for video. Wendy Richard Pauline Fowler. Susan Tully Michelle Fowler. Letita Dean sharon Watts.

Where are they now? 18 former EastEnders cast stars revisited

Anita Dobson Angie Watts. Medford Kelvin Carpenter. Oscar James Tony Carpenter. Wendy Richard. Played: Pauline Fowler. Our favourite cheeky Cockney was actually born in Middlesbrough, in The matriarch of Albert Square, her 21 years on the show ended with an on-screen death in Wendy died from cancer inaged Then and now: Wendy Richard Pauline Fowler pictured with her on-screen husband Arthur Bill Treacher in the first year of the soap, left and pictured in right.

Anna Wing. Played: Lou Beale. She left the show inbut kept working right up to her death, aged 98, in Then and now: Anna Wing, who played Lou Beale, was one of the show's best-loved characters.

Linda Davidson. Played: Mary Smith. Actress Linda, who was born in Canada, dated co-star Nejdet Salih and left the show in ; now aged 53, she gave up acting to work in internet design and today runs a social media agency. Then and now: Linda Davidson as punk rock groupie Mary Smith in left and today right running a social media agency.

Ross Davidson. Ross was a PE teacher who played water polo for Scotland before acting. EastEnders was his first major part — he played the nurse who has an affair with the Vic landlady, Angie Watts. Ross believed he was dropped because he was dating his co-star Shirley Cheriton. He died from cancer, aged 57, in But what have some of the other cast been up to since leaving?

She most recently had a guest stint one in a long line! Barry may have been unlucky in everything, but Shaun has had wider success, treading many a board in theatres and also hilariously parodying himself in Extras. Tom is now a staple of radio, although he has had the odd acting stint since Lofty, including a guest appearance in New Tricks.

Leslie is now more commonly found in panto. Shockingly, he often plays the villains. All is forgiven — so when is Den back from the dead again? Lucy has made a couple of brief Walford returns but spent a lot of her time since taking part in reality TV shows. Hard man Craig has recently been doing not so bad for himself, winning lead roles in Breakdown and The Outsider. Any Call Of Duty fans should also listen carefully while playing Modern Warfare, as Craig does voiceovers for those too.

Queue up, ladies!

old eastenders cast then and now

In she was declared bankrupt but things are on the up again as she has just given birth to her first child. Recently, Peter has had jobs as a security guard and a furniture yard assistant and also acts as a part-time carer for friends. He will also be seen in upcoming movie Warcraft. We had our worries for Sid when his only real roles post EastEnders was in the ill-fated last series of prison drama Bad Girls but nowadays he can be found in the USA, rubbing elbows with Adele and also attending Cannes Film Festivals.

Many hearts broke when Steve Owen literally exploded out of Walford and our only Kemp fix for a long time were sofa ads. More recently though, his little known band Spandau Ballet have reformed and are enjoying a whole lot of new success.

old eastenders cast then and now

Oh and Martin has gone from being a heartthrob to a silver fox, becoming even more unreasonably good looking. Recent years have not been overly kind to Danniella as she suffered a drugs relapse in and also later suffered a tragic miscarriage. Her problems have been in the public eye but her recent optimistic outlook on social media suggests she is on the road to recovery.

She also starred with Wesley Snipes in a movie entitled 7 Seconds but this was not successful.

EastEnders original cast: then and now

Most recently, she has replaced Amanda Redman as the lead in quirky crime drama New Tricks. Includes exclusive content, spoilers and interviews before they're seen on the site. Follow Metro. The Soaps Newsletter. Sign up. Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter Share this article via messenger Share this with Share this article via email Share this article via flipboard Copy link.

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old eastenders cast then and now

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